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Chowking Breakfast Menu With Prices Philippines

Welcome to Chowking Breakfast menu Philippines; we’ll inform you what they’re offering and how much it costs. Whether you want rice porridge, steamed buns, or pork dumplings, we’ll tell you what to expect when you visit Chowking.

Our goal is to assist you in planning your Breakfast without any surprises, allowing you to enjoy your meal without worrying about changing prices. Trust us to provide accurate and useful information about Chowking’s breakfast menu all year.

Chowking Breakfast Menu Price 2024

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Chowking Breakfast Menu

Spicy Chao Fan with Drink on a red napkin
A bowl of Siomai Spicy Chao Fan on a red napkin
A red bowl of Chowking's Spicy Chao Fan served on a red napkin
A bowl of Pork Chao Fan
A black bowl full of Siomai Spicy Chao Fan along with drink
White plate of Chowking King's Special with Drink
A white filled with Chowking Chinese Pork Longganisa along with a Drink
Chinese Pork Longganisa served on the white dish
A bowl of Pork Chao Fan along with Drink
Beef Tapa served on a white dish along with a black drink
Beef Chao Fan with Drink served on a red napkin
A bowl of Chowking Beef Chao Fan
A bowl of Siomai Chao Fan
A bowl of chowking Siomai Chao Fan along with Drink
A black bown of Siomai Beef Chao Fan
A Plate Chowking King's Special
Beef Tapa served inside the white dish
Siomai Beef Chao Fan inside a black bowl along with drink

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Chowking offers a variety of breakfast options in the Philippines, including:

  • Chao Fan (Fried Rice): Plain pork or spicy options, sometimes served with siomai (dumplings).
  • Beef Tapa: Marinated beef strips, often served with rice and egg.
  • Chinese Pork Longganisa: Sweet or garlicky sausages, typically paired with rice and egg.
  • King’s Special: A combination platter that might include tapa, longganisa, egg, and fried rice.
  • Siomai Chao Fan: Steamed dumplings served with fried rice.
  • Breakfast Siomai Spicy Chao Fan: Spicy version of the siomai and fried rice combo.

Chowking doesn’t seem to have a central online location showcasing their entire menu, including breakfast options specific to the Philippines. However, there are a few ways to find the breakfast menu:

  • Visit a Chowking location: Most stores will have a breakfast menu available.
  • Delivery apps: Food delivery apps like Foodpanda might list the breakfast menu for your area Chowking menu delivery Philippines.
  • Restaurant review sites: Sites like Booky may have user-uploaded menus that include breakfast items Chowking Menu – Paco, Manila.

Breakfast hours can vary by location, but most Chowking restaurants likely serve breakfast during the morning hours, possibly until around 10:30 am. It’s always best to check with your local Chowking for their specific breakfast serving times.

Yes, many Chowking locations in the Philippines offer breakfast delivery through services like Foodpanda. Breakfast delivery availability and hours may vary by location.

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Final Word

Chowking’s breakfast menu will provide a delicious start to your day in 2024. They offer delicious options such as rice porridge and meat-filled buns. We’ll give you accurate prices to plan your breakfast without worry. Chowking offers both savory and hearty meals. So treat yourself to a delicious and reasonably priced breakfast at Chowking today.

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