Pancit Canton

Chowking Pancit Canton Price Philippines

Check out Chowking Pancit Canton with the latest prices and delicious pictures. Before you try this delicious Filipino snack, understand what it’s like. With clear information, satisfying your cravings is simple.

A transparent plastic box of pancit canton noodles

Chowking Pancit Canton

Pancit Canton is a stir-fried noodle dish with vegetables, chicken, shrimp, and a savory sauce.


Chowking Pancit Canton Calories

Here’s an estimate of the nutrition in a serving of Pancit Canton:

  • Calories: About 381
  • Fat: Not available
  • Carbohydrates: Not available
  • Protein: Not available

The actual values can vary based on portion size and ingredients. Use this estimate carefully for dietary planning, and adjust as needed for accuracy.

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