Chowking Lauriat

Chowking Lauriat Menu Prices Philippines

We’re happy to share our yummy Chowking Lauriat dishes with you. In this article, we’ll show you pictures and the prices so you know exactly what to expect when you visit us in the Philippines. Our Lauriat meals have tasty meat, veggies, rice, and sometimes noodles. You’ll find favorites like fried chicken, beef with broccoli, and BBQ pork.

Plus, some meals come with pancit canton noodles and a sweet buchi dessert. We want you to enjoy these delicious meals with clarity, so we’ll make sure our prices are easy to understand. Come and try the Chowking Lauriat menu for a yummy treat.

Chowking Lauriat Menu

Chowking Chinese-style Fried Chicken Lauriat served on a black plate
A plate of Chix Lauriat with 2 small sauces bowl
A round yellow plate of Sweet And Sour Chicken Lauriat
A round yellow plate of Sweet And Sour Fish Lauriat

Pancit Canton

A transparent plastic box containing Pancit Canton

Sweet And Sour Pork Lauriat

A round yellow plate of chowking Sweet And Sour Pork Lauriat

Enjoy our delicious Chowking Lauriat menu. We’ll make it simple for you by displaying pictures and prices for our delicious dishes. Everyone will find something to enjoy, from delicious meat options to noodles and sweet treats.

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