Chowking Pork Chao Fan

Chowking Pork Chao Fan Price Philippines 2024

Try Chowking Pork Chao Fan by 2024. It’s a flavorful fried rice dish with tender pork pieces, ideal for sharing with family and friends. Chowking always provides excellent value and delicious flavours. Check out the most recent prices and tasty photos for your next satisfying meal.

Chowking Pork Chao Fan Price 2024

A bowl of pork chao fan

Pork Chao Fan

A tasty dish from Chowking made with savory fried rice mixed with flavorful pork pieces and vegetables, seasoned to perfection.


Pork Chao Fan Calories

Here the estimated calorie count:

Pork Chao Fan: 607 calories per serving

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