Pork Chao Fan

Chowking Pork Chao Fan Menu Price Philippines

Want to know how much Chowking Pork Chao Fan costs in the Philippines? You’re in the right place Our guide includes accurate prices and delicious images. Check out the menu to try this delicious noodles from Chowking.

Chowking Pork Chao Fan Dishes

Pork Chao Fan

Pork Chao Fan is a tasty dish of fried rice mixed with pork, carrots, green peas, and other vegetables, all cooked together for a delicious meal.

A black bowl of pork chao fan
A bowl of chowking pork chao fan with drink

Pork Chao Fan with Drink

Pork Chao Fan with Drink is a delicious dish consisting of fried rice with savory pork pieces, served with a refreshing drink of your choice.



Our guide has all the info about Chowking’s pork chao fan prices in the Philippines. It includes accurate details and yummy pictures to help you pick your favorite dish easily.

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