Chowking Siomai 4 Pieces

Chowking  Siomai 4 Pieces Price Philippines 2024

Experience Chowking Siomai 4 Pieces in 2024. Enjoy two delicious siomai (steamed dumplings), which make an excellent snack or meal addition. Chowking provides great value and delicious flavors with each bite. Check out the most recent prices and appetizing photos for a satisfying treat.

Chowking Siomai 4 Pieces Price 2024

A plate of 4 pieces of siomai

Siomai 4 Pieces

Steamed dumplings filled with pork and shrimp, served with soy sauce for dipping.


Siomai 4 Pieces Calories

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated nutrients for a 4-piece serving:

  • Calories: 199
  • Carbs: 15g
  • Fat: 13g

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