Chowking Buchi Group Platter

Chowking Buchi Group Platter Price Philippines 2024

Try out Chowking Buchi Group Platter in 2024. This platter features a selection of crunchy and sweet buchi (sesame seed balls) in various flavors, perfect for sharing with your group. Chowking menu is a offers delicious treats and good value. Check the latest prices and enticing photos to plan a delightful group snack.

Chowking Buchi Group Platter Price 2024

A red box of steamed pork siomaio pieces

Buchi Group PlatterPork Siomai Group Platter

A special meal featuring crunchy and sweet Buchi balls filled with creamy sesame paste. It’s perfect for sharing with friends and family, offering a delightful blend of textures and flavors.


Buchi Group Platter Calories

We don’t have the exact calorie count for the Buchi Group Platter, but here’s an estimate based on the individual items:

  • Buchi (2 pcs): Approximately 406 calories
  • Other items (estimate): Around 500-1000 calories (varies based on platter content)

It’s important to note that since this platter is designed for sharing, the calorie intake per person will vary significantly based on individual consumption. This means that each person has the power to manage their own calorie intake.

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