Chowking Buchi

Chowking Buchi Price Philippines

Check out Chowking Buchi with the latest prices and delicious pictures. Before you try this delicious Filipino snack, understand what it’s like. With clear information, satisfying your cravings is simple. Take a look and savor the delicious taste of Buchi.

2 pieces of chowking buchi are placed on the white dish

Chowking Buchi

Chowking Buchi is a yummy Filipino treat. It’s a small ball with sticky rice dough and sweet mung bean paste inside. They cook it until it’s crispy outside and soft inside. People love to eat it as a delicious snack.


Chowking Buchi Calories

We have yet to determine the exact number of calories in Chowking’s buchi, but it’s probably around 400-500 for two pieces. Here’s why.

  • Buchi is fried and includes pork and vegetables so that it may contain more calories.
  • Fried foods typically contain a lot of calories.
  • Even though there are only two pieces, they can add up.

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