Chowking Dimsum Mix Platter

Chowking Dimsum Mix Platter Price Philippines 2024

Try Chowking Dimsum Mix Platter in 2024. It features a variety of delicious dimsum items, perfect for sharing with family and friends. Chowking menu always offers good value and delightful flavors. Check out the latest prices and tempting photos to enjoy this tasty meal.

Chowking Dimsum Mix Platter Price 2024

A box of dimsum mix platter

Dimsum Mix Platter

 A tasty combination of bite-sized Chinese snacks like dumplings, siomai, and spring rolls, served together for a delicious variety of flavors in one plate.


Dimsum Mix Platter Calories

Dimsum dishes can have different calorie counts. Each dish usually has between 100 to 300 calories. The total calories in a dim sum platter will depend on which dishes are included.

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