Chowking Spicy Chao Fan

Chowking Spicy Chao Fan Price Philippines 2024

In 2024, you can taste Chowking Spicy Chao Fan. It’s a flavorful combination of spicy flavours and chao fan (fried rice), ideal for sharing with your loved ones. Chowking provides excellent value and mouthwatering flavour in every bite. Check out the latest prices and tasty photos for your next satisfying meal.

Chowking Spicy Chao Fan Price 2024

A bowlofspicy chao fan on a red handkerchief

Spicy Chao Fan

A flavorful fried rice dish mixed with tender chicken strips, crunchy vegetables, and a spicy kick that adds excitement to every bite.


Chowking Spicy Chao Fan Calories

Based on its ingredients, Spicy Chao Fan likely contains approximately 600-700 calories per serving.

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