Chowking Siomai Chao Fan

Chowking Siomai Chao Fan Price Philippines 2024

Try the Chowking Siomai Chao Fan Family Platter in 2024. This dish combines flavorful siomai (steamed dumplings) with tasty chao fan (fried rice), ideal for sharing with family and friends. Chowking always provides good value and delicious flavors. Check out the most recent prices and enjoyable photos for your next delicious meal.

Chowking Siomai Chao Fan Price 2024

A bowl of siomai chao fan

Siomai Chao Fan

A tasty dish that combines fried rice (Chao Fan) and flavorful Chinese dumplings (Siomai). It’s a popular dish that combines tasty pork dumplings and savory fried rice. 


Chowking Siomai Chao Fan Calories

Here is an estimated breakdown based on individual components:

  • Siomai (4 pieces): Approximately 199 calories
  • Chow Fan (regular size): Around 607 calories

These calorie values are estimates and can vary based on portion sizes.

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