Chowking Sweet And Sour Pork

Chowking Sweet And Sour Pork Price Philippines 2024

In 2024, you can taste Chowking Sweet And Sour Pork. It’s a delicious dish of tender pork in a tangy sauce, ideal for sharing with loved ones. As always, Chowking provides excellent value and delicious flavors. Check out the Chowking menu prices and delicious photos for your next satisfying meal.

Chowking Sweet And Sour Pork Price 2024

A bowl of siomai chao fan

Sweet And Sour Pork

Tender pieces of pork coated in a tangy-sweet sauce with bell peppers and onions served with steamed rice.


Chowking Sweet And Sour Pork Calories

Calorie Estimate for Sweet and Sour Pork:

  • Calories: 270-450
  • Fat: 16-25 grams
  • Carbs: 23-35 grams
  • Protein: 15-20 grams

Please note that these values are approximate. Monitor your overall calorie intake for accurate dietary planning and incorporate this dish into a well-rounded meal.

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